Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Beautiful Game

Boy am I tired these days - must have something to do with the fact that Euro 2008, the European soccer championship (think World Cup but with only European teams) is currently being contested, and the fact that I have a DVR - making it possible to record the games and watch them well into the night. Here is clearly the class of the teams so far, the Netherlands, scoring the goal of the tournament so far against World Cup champs Italy (whom they demolished). [Though it could be that Italy are simply past their sell-by date] The Dutch are famous imploders so we shall see how they fare as the tournament rolls on and please, please do something about those socks! Spain look pretty darn great as well, but they are also famous under-achievers. Will this be the year for one of them?

Right now, I would guess Spain.

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Colin NĂ©ber Wilson said...

I saw that goal during the game! It was beautiful.

Poor Italy.