Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Bailout Plan

Life is too crazy. Perhaps the most momentous economic news of my lifetime and I am struggling to find time to blog about it. I am moving, painting, starting a new academic year. ..what is a poor blogger to do?

In this case punt to the radio show, OPB's Think Out Loud, I was a guest on this morning. Click here to listen.

While I may be shirking, there is no dearth of stuff in the blog-o-sphere about this. Mark Thoma is always a good place to start.

Soon, I promise!


Jeff Alworth said...

I've heard almost nothing about how this will affect individuals, just the "economy" (itself an amorphous category). So my request is that you tell a little about how this will affect the average person in terms of getting credit, the cost of credit, the debt we will take on and how this will affect us in the middle and long term. If that's doable.

Fred Thompson said...

Jeff Alworth: On place to start in answer to your question is with Menzie Chinn's blog for today at