Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Obama

This cover was from before the election and now seems a bit foreboding (as in "it's time to walk the walk").  President Obama is about to confront immense challenges to the prosperity, health and safety of our country and quite soon we will know how deftly he can maneuver through the political landscape and deliver the critically necessary fiscal stimulus bill and then follow up with a comprehensive health care plan, an environmental sustainability strategy and on and on and on. 

Back home in Oregon, the landscape is turning bleaker by the minute and we are staring down the real possibility of sacrificing our future to meet immediate budgetary challenges.

Needless to say there is a lot of very hard work ahead both for Obama and Kulongoski and national and state legislators, but this too shall pass and with a clear focus on the future and a commitment to protect the most vulnerable in society we shall weather this moment and emerge stronger.  But it will take time.

Good luck and godspeed President Obama.

[Note: Tomorrow or Thursday, I shall post the last of my three part education series of posts with an overview of what we know about education and the future of prosperity in America]

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