Friday, September 25, 2009

New Poll: Oregon's New Taxes

Tell me how you intend to vote when the referendum to repeal the new tax increses shows up on the ballot in November. Poll closes at midnight on October 31 - Halloween - because taxes are scary after all...

Update: Sorry I had to redo it, Henry in the comments noted my language was a bit off and I agree that I should be consistent with the ballot. And yes, I do know that there are two seperate taxes that are being referred, but I figured I'd keep it simple, if you will be voting for one but not the other, tell me why in the comments.

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Henry said...

Your poll doesn't quite accurately express what the measures will be.

Both referenda will actually ask voters to APPROVE the increased taxes on corporations on the wealthy.

To keep the balanced budget--including the tax increases--that the legislature passed, voters will need to vote YES on the measures. They are not repeal measures, but rather referenda.