Tuesday, February 23, 2010


About a month ago my Saab suffered the humiliation almost all Saabs made by GM face: the falling off of the logo from the trunk or hood plate.  It seemed fitting at the time, Saab was doomed, and the timing suggested that my car understood that there was no future in being a Saab.  [It is extraordinary how many Saabs you see with the logo gone, by the way]

But alas, 'twas not to be, word today is that Spyker cars of Holland has completed the deal to buy Saab.  I am not entirely sure this is a good thing, seems like there is a good chance it could all come crashing down in a relatively short time period (I would also not be surprised to see them pull out of the US).  But I am happy, my car has been fantastic: fun to drive, very reliable and powerful yet extremely efficient (I average about 32 MPG on driving that is mixed, but contains a lot of 65 MPH cruising to Corvallis). Nonetheless I am an economist and not terribly sentimental about Saab save for the fact that it would be awfully nice to have some parts available as my car ages.

Anyway, I wish Spyker luck and I think that for a first order of business coming up with an emblem that does not peel off in five years or less would be a decent place to start...

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Blair said...

I think the alternative was that the company would cease to exist altogether.

Koenigsegg couldn't get the job done and there was not a line of bidders.

This is probably the best scenario for there ever being another Saab product again.