Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Beeronomics Poll: Hops in THE HOPOPOTAMUS®

Okay, spring leaves beer on the mind.  I am preparing for the worldwide premier of THE HOPOPOTAMUS® and yet I have not finalized the recipe, especially the hops.  I am pretty sure that Crystal, Cascade and Amarillo will make the cut, but I figure why not let my dear readers chime in?  Besides I am an economist and should not be trusted to brew a beer as anticipated as THE HOPOPOTAMUS®.  So I have created a poll to tap into the wisdom of crowds.

So, lend me your expertise and take the poll!  I probably won't make it to Steinbart's until the weekend after next, so you have a little time to ponder. 


Jeff Alworth said...

Ah, but which Goldings--crappy Styrian or sublime East Kent? And where were they grown? Precision, sir, we need precision.

(For what it's worth, my word verification spells "princy.")

Patrick Emerson said...

I had Kent Goldings originally, but then I changed it to make it more general - I mean there are already 22 for goodness' sake!

Sounds like it is East Kent for you. I'll note it down.

Jeff Alworth said...

Yes, bitter with EKG, and use Amarillos and Cascades for flavor and aroma.