Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Class Act

Scot (with one T ;-) ) Thompson announced yesterday that he was retiring.  Read Geoffrey Arnold's nice article about Scot to get a sense of his background and who he is as a person.  I can add to this personally as a father of a son who has participated in a Timbers soccer camp Scot ran.  Scot was gracious, warm, engaging and great with the kids.  And while the other players there were good spirits, you could tell their hearts were not totally into hosting a bunch of kids for a day.  Scot, by contrast, really made the extra effort, seemed genuinely enthusiastic about having the kids around, and you could see the kids respond immediately to his enthusiasm and warmth.  I left with a decent impression of the Timbers but with a fantastic impression of Scot.

If the Timbers have any sense at all, they will make sure Scot stays a part of the organization, he is a class act.

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