Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Nonsense: Timbers Edition

I am back from Brazil and facing a ton of work, chores, holiday preparation and on top of it all my 9 year old broke his nose on Wednesday playing soccer.  Sigh.  So thus commences the superfluous blogging!

And since we have mentioned it, let's talk about my favorite pet subject: soccer.  This time the Timbers new uniforms (I refrained from saying kit for you anglophobes).  In a word: nice.  Classy, elegant, with some cute touches and I like the Arsenal style white sleeves.

Also big props for the alternate jerseys.  A lot of MLS teams just go with their color on one and white on the other mimicking other American pro sports, but soccer tradition is a lot different: alternate kits are generally some totally different color scheme and change every few years.  There are a few teams like Arsenal that have a traditional alternate color (in Arsenal's case it is yellow), perhaps we'll see the Timbers follow this tradition - let's hope so, the red for the rose city is inspired.  And there is no doubt in my mind where this came from: looking ahead to games at the Sounders, where the Timbers will have to change from the green, what better way to go than to have bright rose red for the Rose City team in Seattle?  Awesome.    

I have only one quibble about the whole thing: the Timbers crest should never, ever change, it should be green, even on the alternate jerseys, this is how every club does it.  But, then again, who cares, man?  Lets get winter over and the season started.  RCTID.

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Jeff Alworth said...

The green is a more attractive color, but the rose-soccer ball, thorn neck, and thorn crosshatching are inspired on the red. Definitely unis fit for the most sports-style conscious city in America. (And it won't hurt jersey sales, either.)