Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Catch-All

A mashup of randomness from the internets:
  1. I must be very superficial, because I attended two of the top ten most beautiful colleges in the nation (according to Travel + Leisure): Lewis & Clark College and Cornell.  And it is probably true about me - I visited both campuses while in the process of choosing schools to apply to and was stuck by the beauty of both. But I also attended the University of Wisconsin and am surprised it didn't make the cut.  True, the campus careens from beautiful to ugly in a heartbeat, but the setting on the shore of Lake Mendota is spectacular. 
  2. Portlanders are cheapskates! Apparently the Hollywood district pay-what-you-choose Panera Bread Co. is doing much worse than similar stores in St. Louis and Detroit.  Detroit!  Surely we can do better than the economic catastrophe that is Detroit people. Or maybe Portlanders are just better educated in economics...
  3. Pity the poor cocaine dealer.  Apparently Cocaine is a normal or even a luxury good - usage appears to be way down since the beginning of the crisis.  

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