Wednesday, October 19, 2011

So What Percent Are You?

Leave it to the Wall Street Journal to help you find out:

If you are high enough you could follow Scott Adams' advice and move to the sea - where you will be free of taxation but also of any meaningful law and order. Good luck.

I base my prediction on the fact that the country is out of money, poor people don't have any, rich people do, and the middle class has almost figured out how voting works.

In the old days, every member of the middle class thought he or she had a chance of becoming rich. In that sort of optimistic environment, you don't want to urinate in the pool that you hope to someday swim in. But lately there's more fatalism in the air, thanks to our crushing debt and the hobo militias that I assume are forming all over the country. The middle class will soon trade their unrealistic dreams of wealth for the opportunity to transfer money from total strangers to themselves—a process often referred to as fairness. That's when the rich will get serious about an escape plan, just like the brave little sea creatures billions of years ago.

But where can the rich go? Their choices include nations that have swarms of malaria-infested mosquitoes, bad TV, deadly climates, decapitation issues, French people, bland food and other signs of inhospitableness. When you consider these factors plus wars, pollution, terrorism, floods, droughts, earthquakes and tornadoes, I think you'll agree that most of the surveyed land on Earth is unfit for fancy people.

But wait is this really that fanciful?

Fine 99%-ers, you can have America - I'm going on my own...suckers! Oh wait, I am one of the 99%. S%#t.  And it looked so nice too - I could have started my own international crime ring and called it SPECTRE.  That would have been cool...

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