Friday, November 4, 2011

Programming Note: OEB on Hiatus - Bring out the Greatest Hits!

A combination of midterm busy-ness, conference travel and overall 'things-are-starting-to-pile-up-so-high-I-think-my-desk-is-going-to-crumble' will keep blogging light to nonexistent over the next two weeks.  I will get a chance to see UK austerity up close as I travel to a conference in London and then have a little Beeronomics fun making my way up to Edinburgh for a talk.  Actually, I am hoping it is more than just fun but research for a future book as I will be tagging along with a pro beer writer and getting to be in on some conversations about the UK beer industry.  I'll pop in here or on Beeronomics if there is anything particularly interesting to make note of.

But don't despair! I am going to repost some oldies but goodies to entertain and enthrall you in my absence.


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