Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Occupy Portland: In Need of Focus and a Message

Credit: The Oregonian

My Op-Ed in todays Oregonian. [Not yet on-line - I will link when it is] Here is a tease:

The Occupy Portland movement managed to close down terminals as the Port of Portland Monday in an act of protest, putting a number of their fellow 99% out of work for the day. The reasons for targeting the Port were vague: apparently they were trying to hurt companies that do business at the port which are responsible for some rich people getting even richer. I fear the Occupy movement has lost the plot.

Who needs on-line? Go spend a buck and read the rest, I am so worth it!

I will add that it is absolutely okay to protest the outcomes of a system without understanding the fixes. Economics is complex and full of connections that are not always readily apparent. But by the time you have decided to shut down ports, you should have a good idea why you are doing it. There are plenty of knowledgeable folks to call upon to start to formulate a real message and to focus on the real problems. Acting without such preliminary groundwork is what makes me fear for the future of the movement.

And today is an Emerson two-fer as Rich Read and I chatted about unemployment and I sounded the Grinch note: focus on jobs, not the rate, and job creation sucks right now.

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