Tuesday, August 7, 2012

More Olympic Ranting

Okay so now that I have sounded off on swimming and the limitations of fencing as a spectator sport, why stop there?

So: firing a projectile at a target.  How many ways do we need to do this?  Answer, one.  And the one is obvious - archery is the only legitimate 'sport.'  Self propelled bullets need not apply.

Horses: are not humans.  Get your own olympics.  I want to see no more of horse jumping and dressage.

Anything that requires perfect synchronization with another person is not a sport.  Full stop.  No more synchronized swimming, diving and anything else.

Bicycling: you get to ride down a road from point a to point b.  First person there wins. Done.  No more track cycling.  After all there is no indoor track and field, why do we need both road and track cycling.  Answer: we don't.  [Yes, I know that velodromes can be both outdoor and indoor...]

Rhythmic gymnastics: no.

Finally, if you are going to have a canoe race, use a canoe.

This is not a canoe.

A commentator suggested there are too many ways to throw s*#%! in the olympics (though I think it was meant to be taken sarcastically).  But I am not against throwing stuff, I can see how javelin is different than shit put which is different than discus and so on.  Hammer throw is pushing it I suppose, but on the list of transgressions, it is down there.  

Oh and finally: sorry Canada, you were robbed.  A six second call on a keeper and then a questionable handball in the box??  Disgraceful.