Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Southern Hemisphere Blues

I suppose when you travel to South America in the heart of their winter you should expect to be exposed to various bugs.  But São Paulo was so incredibly lovely - mid 70's temperatures, sunny, breezy and no humidity to speak of, as good as you could hope for in other words - that one tended to forget it was winter.  [Though the unsettled feeling among locals was that this weather was not a good sign in general]

Anyway it so happened that I caught one king-hell of a flu virus to which I apparently have no resistance and have thus been laid low these last four days...and counting.  And by low I mean sub-terrainian: fever, aches, nasty sinus pain, coughing, nausea, you name it.  I haven't been this sick in decades.  I hope to rally to take my kids to their first day of school tomorrow but it looks unlikely.

Less likely still is any blogging for the time being.  Sorry.

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