Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Some Interesting Economics Reads

Reinhardt and Rogoff argue that this US recovery is very typical, not exceptional, for recovery from financial crises. Above graphic from The Big Picture blog.

I have been conspicuously silent on the economics Nobel this year for the simple reason that I am only vaguely familiar with their work.  But here is an interesting entry, a paper on how to make the NFL draft more efficient.  I should state that this is NOT a new idea, I went to grad school with a friend who, prior to his Cornell PhD studies, worked for NERA and at that time pitched to the NFL a better draft solution which entailed monetizing it and running it as an auction.  They didn't bite.

Does income inequality impede economic growth?  The evidence is mounting.

The economics of stolen bicycles.  And the economic solution?

Reagan budget director David Stockman on why Romney's claims of job creation are false.

Profile of Romney's "go to economist," Glenn Hubbard.

And here is a watch, not a read.  From The Wall Street Journal, Nobel award winning economist Michael Spence on why he thinks Obama's economic plan is better than Romney's:

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