Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Night from the Southern Hemisphere

...looks a lot like the US, this is from Globo News as the early polls came in.  Then I went to bed as it was already midnight.  I was very amused when the hosts of the Globo program got into a big discussion explaining the electoral college.  They kept saying how little sense it makes. Hear hear.  It is one of those things everyone agrees is crazy and yet we will never be rid of it.

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Jeff Alworth said...

In a way, I was hoping we would have a split decision--Obama, with his clear ground-game advantage, winning the EC while Romney, winning hugely in red states, took the popular vote. It might have created the moment for change.

The National Popular Vote movement championed by the New Yorker's Hendrik Hertzberg is a viable alternative that requires no constitutional changes--just the will to act. Ah well, a clear victory ain't bad, either. :-)