Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sellwood Bridge

Today the Sellwood Bridge closes for (hopefully) a week so that the venerable old bridge, made on the cheap and from scrap metal, can be shunted on to temporary piers.  Though, as a Sellwood resident, I will be very happy to have a bridge with real sidewalks and bike lanes, I will miss the old bridge which I always found an elegant and interesting part of the landscape.

So, to follow on yesterday's theme, I give you a look and the brand new Sellwood 1926:

I love the view of the old lumber mill located where the Sellwood Riverfront park sits today.  Whatever the new bridge finally looks like on the deck (which is still being planned), I hope and pray that this sign will reappear:

Photo credit: Canon Crawford

Though I suppose we could modernize it and replace 'men' with 'people,' though some of the old-timey charm would be lost.

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