Thursday, January 23, 2014

Oregon December Unemployment falls to 7%

A little voice in my head says 'go for the low hanging fruit' in an attempt to breathe life in to my moribund blog.  So here it is, my pithy take on yesterday's jobs report from the State of Oregon.

Like the national picture, the unemployment rate fell, in Oregon's case to 7%.   Unlike the national picture, it did so on very strong job creation: Oregon added a seasonally adjusted 4,400 jobs in December and a revised 4,300 in November.

My take is that the state is doing a very good job pulling itself out of the recession even while construction still lags.  What then could put a damper on? Well a severe drought would not help, nor does continuing trouble at the Port of Portland.  Still, the long slog out of the pit continues.

Okay, so maybe it is not very pithy after all...

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