Friday, November 2, 2007 Fun!

OK, so there is not a whole lot of justification for this, other than the fact that Blogger has introduced a new toy and I am interested in playing around with it. I thought of a more economics based question, but since my readership is about 5 people, I don't want to scare them away. Maybe in a few months.

Anyway, you'll notice to the right side of the page a poll about the 'best' Oregon brewery. Yes, mostly this is about my passion for Oregon beer, but there is some economic content too (which I'll reveal at the end of the poll).

The breweries listed are what I identified as the major distributing breweries in Oregon (i.e. the ones whose beer you can buy in the grocery store). If I missed any please inform and I will add - these were the ones from the top of my head. "Best" is up to you to define.

Poll is open for two weeks - giving you lots of time for research. Enjoy!

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Jeff Alworth said...

This is a nice distribution (with an admittedly small sample size). I'd like to think this reflects Oregon beer drinkers--different strokes for different folks. (Poor Mac's--it's appropriate they get bupkis; their beer is focus-grouped within an inch of its life.)