Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cornell in the Final Four!

PayScale Salary Madness
Georgetown University SalaryCornell University Salary
PayScale Salary Madness
Vanderbilt University SalaryDuke University Salary
PayScale Salary Madness

Each year PayScale comes out with a final four prediction based on median alumni salary. As was the case last year, my alma mater, Cornell, makes it to the final four. Last year they made it to the final - losing to Duke. This year they lose to Duke again, but in the final four. I'd take that. But then, I'd just like to see two of my three former schools meet by having both Cornell and Wisconsin win their first games.  The good news is President Obama predicts just such an outcome.  As for my other school?  Well, Lewis & Clark has had better years.

One note, these salary stats are self-reported, so they probably inflate the higher schools, as students who attended those schools don't want to report if they think they are below the median and may inflate their own salaries, cognizant of the high salaries on average.

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