Thursday, March 4, 2010

No Support for a Rainy-Day Fund?

OPB is reporting on a poll they commissioned showing a decided lack of support for kicker reform leading to a permanent rainy-day fund. Frustratingly, they do not appear to be releasing the poll itself so one cannot know the exact wording of the questions. It is surprising as other recent polls mentioned by Peter Courtney and others have shown 58% support (which they say is still too low for it too succeed). Polls are extremely sensitive to the wording and order of the questions and it frustrates me that a news organization is not transparent about theirs (and any poll they report on).

So what gives? Why won't they release the poll?

This is a complicated issue and the academic in me thinks that all it takes is a little educatin' to get folks on board - but not if it is really at 38% support.

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