Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Seattle Supersonics

Jeepers.  There I am relaxing in my mothers Bainbridge Island yard when suddenly comes an enormous, thunderous boom along with a shock wave you can feel.  Then, after about 5 seconds, another one.  We sat in stunned silence wondering just how it came to pass that someone was given a permit to blow up the northern half of the island when I see a fighter jet high in the sky.  That's when I figured they must have been sonic booms.  I don't remember them being quite that loud.  But still, why?  Sea Fair was a couple of weeks ago...

Turns out it was courtesy of the Oregon Air National Guard.  Man, that has gotta be the highlight of the year for those pilots: full afterburners from takeoff at PDX all the way to Seattle.  Takes about 5 minutes.

So now, just like if you miss the Sonics NBA team, you have to get your real sonic fix from Portland.

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