Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sellwood Bridge Update

A while back I blogged about the new Sellwood bridge design options and professed my fondness for the steel deck arch alternative.  Turns out my opinion was immensely persuasive common: it was the alternative that was the most popular in the opinion survey - good taste people! [Actually, I see now that the above is the steel deck 'tied arch' not he steel deck arch - why is tied better? I don't know, maybe it is cheaper but looks about the same so pretty much the same difference for me]

By the way, I imagine the steel structure being painted green as it is now - a nice nod to the old bridge - not brown as in this picture.

But however it looks in the end: I can't wait for the day I can actually take a bike ride over the bridge with my kids and not feel like I am putting their lives in peril.

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Dann Cutter said...

Pity... apparently, I liked the ugliest option. :-)