Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Today Nothing Else Matters

Political upheaval in the middle east threatening our economic recovery, budget cutting battles rage in Washington and the states, union bashing in the rust belt, Justin Bieber's new haircut...  No time to dwell on such trivial things, for today nothing else matters.

UPDATE: A sad conclusion to a series that started so brightly in London.  Arsenal looked awestruck in the Camp Nou and were completely dominated and undone by Barça's pressure/possession game.  None looked more awestruck than Cesc Fabregas, whose attempt at a cheeky back heel just outside the Arsenal box led to Barça's first goad courtesy of Iniesta and Messi.  Lionel Messi was back to his very best, which is the best in the world, and by some distance.  That first goal was as sublime as they come.   A ridiculous sending off of Arsenal's Robin Van Persie sealed Arsenal's fate, but in truth they were outclassed at 11 men, and just more so at 10.

Barça have become Arsenal's bogey team, beating them in the 2006 finals and putting them out the last two years.  But there is noting to do but get on the Barça bandwagon and enjoy the show, because it is truly beautiful when it is not against the Arsenal.

Arsenal still have two major competitions in which they are in contention: the FA Cup and the Premiership.  Now they will be free to concentrate.  Another year without any trophy is simply unthinkable.  

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