Monday, April 18, 2011

Thoughts on the First Two Timbers Games

In no particular order.

  • It was nice to see Merritt Paulson getting love form the Timbers Army on opening night: they chanted 'Merritt Paulson' as he walked off the field.  For a guy to put so much of his own money on the line to revamp and create a real purpose for a city-owned asset, it is amazing to me how much flack he takes - mainly from the city's relatively small investment in its own building.
  • I was surprised to see how much of the upper seats the Timbers had blocked off - a huge loss in revenue - but very glad: the concourse of the old stadium and the concessions and bathrooms can barely manage the crowd as it stands.  More would simply be too much.
  • The entire operation has been very smooth, very professional and it has been great for all fans.
  • The tradition of standing for the match seems to have been adopted by some other sections in addition to the TA sections, including mine.  I am of two minds: it is great to see the support, but I also see quite a few kids and some old folks who can't see anything for the entire match. 
  • You gotta love John Spencer's enthusiasm (and the players clearly love the guy judging by how many go and hug him after a goal). When the Timbers conceded the second goal on Sunday, Spencer walked back to the bench enclosure and kicked in fury so loud the bang reverberated throughout the west stand.  
  • Cooper is working really hard out there and is a beast to handle for a defender, but his touch around the goal is a bit off.  If he can get that going, watch out. Ditto for his understanding with Perlaza.
  • There is a great mix of kids, young adults, middle agers, and oldsters at the stadium, it is really a community event and great to see.
  • The Timbers Army has been fantastic: endless energy and enthusiasm but all in good taste.  
  • The field is SMALL - there is a lot of congestion that the Timbers have dealt with better than other teams.  Can the Timbers make this a home advantage ala Arsenal at Highbury? (and that is the last I'll mention of Arsenal for a long, long time). 
  • Civic Stadium has had a wonderful new rebirth and is incredibly cool - especially its downtown location.  And the number of people cruising the streets downtown in Timbers gear on match day is phenomenal.    

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