Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bike-o-nomics: Gender and Bike Commuting


I'll jump on this info-graphic which has become a wee bit viral [HT: Atlantic Cities]. This from the League of American Bicyclists which, by the way, most blogs have been calling the Bike League without checking the source itself - come on people!  And if you dig a bit further you'll find that it was created by one Kory Northrop who is a grad student at the University of Oregon and was the winning entry in the Data Visualization Student Challenge.  Anyway, it focuses on the overall preponderance of males who commute by bike (but the project itself is about trends in general).  Portland does pretty well on the gender balance front. But what I think would be especially informative and interesting is the percentage of total commuters who bike by gender.  In other words do these bike commuting patters mimic overall commuting patterns (by all forms of transport) or are they on some way exceptional. If they are, then the fascinating question is, why?

Anyway, go poke around at Kory's work, its pretty fun.

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