Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Majors and Wages: Once Again Economics Comes Out On Top

From the Wall Street Journal reporting on a study by Joseph G. Altonji, Erica Blom and Costas Meghir of Yale University.  I sorted this table by average wage, you can go and sort as you wish.  They control for selection, so this is about value added not who chooses which major and which job.  The market values the skills and knowledge provided by an economics education.  Come get yours at OSU!


Unknown said...

Most of the top of the list isn't surprising, with economics (basically applied math) and a bunch of STEM majors. But were you surprised to see political science so relatively high?

Patrick Emerson said...

Yes I am a bit. I suppose Political science might be a function of majors who use it as a stepping stone to law but these average wages is for those without advanced degree.