Friday, February 29, 2008

Beeronomics: Block 15

Corvallis is not a big town. So it is quite a thrill to welcome Block 15 Brewery to the local beer scene. [Block 15 is the first true brewpub in town: Oregon Trail brews and serves out of the Old World Deli, and McMenamins on Monroe brews but most of the beer is imported from other McMenamins breweries] I had lunch there today while hosting the Economics Department's seminar speaker. My first impression was very favorable. I had a pulled pork BBQ sandwich (on the recommendation of Kyle Odegard of the Gazette-Times), the pork was very good, but a better bun could have improved it a lot, and an:

Aboriginale: Free-style Ale. This is what Block 15 is all about, truly unique unclassified beers in addition to our standard taps. We used seven different malts, and three different hops when brewing this beer. Currently we are dry-hopping in a conditioning tank with two more types of hops.

It was very, very good - wonderful fruity hops aroma, rich head and a beautiful straw to amber color, hop-forward but nicely balanced. It sure had the strong aroma and the surface tang characteristic of dry hopping, but interestingly the dry hop language above was not on the menu and the server did not think it was dry-hopped. So it remains a mystery. I was served in a shaker pint, but was unable determine if it was honest.

They have done a great job with a very interesting space and even include an enticing mezzanine level. They have also been getting some good attention, see: here, here and here.

On top of a great space, great food and great beer, they are also very nice and, it turns out, helpful. You see, I dutifully bought the beer for myself on a separate check because OSU does not pay for alcohol on expensed meals, but I completely forgot my itemized receipt to prove it. This was quickly solved when the econ department's wonderful office manager called them up and they immediately faxed it over.

So my first impressions are very good.

Go there. Now.

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Jeff Alworth said...

Sounds great! I do hanker for that dubbel.