Monday, February 25, 2008

Mea Culpa

My blogging has been non-existent for a while. I have a 2 year old with pneumonia, a 6 year old with something close and I am not doing so well myself, so it has fallen down on the list of priorities.

It does get me thinking about how much I take for granted in terms of having good medical insurance. I simply cannot imagine having the stress of medical payments looming over the decision to have a wheezing 2 year old seen by a physician or the burden of expensive drugs. My total out of pocket bill for one office visit and two prescriptions: $10. How to design a good medical system that takes care of everyone is a tough question, but I am pretty sure we are far from optimal.

P.S. I hope to find the time and energy soon to write a post on local currency as featured in Sunday's O.

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The Hour Exchange?