Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Returns to Majoring in Economics

You'll have to live with the stigma of being considered boring and part of a prefession that tortures undergrads, and you'll never get invited to a party, but at least in terms of average starting salary, economics is a pretty good choice (from CNN Money):

The average starting offer for seniors majoring in:

Economics: $51,631
Finance: $47,905
Marketing: $41,323
Business Administration: $43,523
Mechanical engineering: $54,587
Chemical engineering: $60,054
Management information systems: $46,568
Civil engineering: $47,145
Electrical engineering: $54,599
Computer science: $51,070
Accounting: $46,508
Logistics/Materials management: $43,294
Liberal arts (including psychology, political science history, English): $30,502

OK, so maybe engineering is more lucrative, but then there is the compensating wage differential to consider - economics is fun!

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