Tuesday, April 7, 2009

All Blogging Shall Temporarily Cease...

...Arsenal are about to kick off v. Villareal in the UEFA Champions League.

UPDATE, 11:55 am: NOOOOOOO!...... VCF 1 - AFC 0

UPDATE, 1:10 PM: YESSSSSS!.... VCF 1 - AFC 1. A brilliant strike from Adebayor. A crucial away goal.

Full Time: 1-1. A good result for Arsenal.
For those that wonder what the heck I am doing watching European soccer during the day (or how I do it), here is a wonderful resource: www.myp2p.eu. I had the Hong Kong Star TV feed in the corner of my computer screen.

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Takaddus said...

Ya,Arsenal is a big team.They can do anything anytime.