Friday, April 17, 2009

Oregon's Taxes

From Kari Chisholm comes this graphic produced by the (partisan) Oregon Bus Project:

A nice simple breakdown of where the money comes from and where it goes.


t.a. said...

the Bus Project is, by law and action, non-partisan. we support progressive candidates and policies. which party those candidates belong to is up to them. if a progressive R was to challenge a conservative D (hey, it's possible), the Bus could very well work for that R.

but we (and i speak as an active volunteer) do not consider our support of progressive politics to be partisan, not in the way it's usually meant. it's a philosophy, not a party.

Patrick Emerson said...

Point taken. My use of 'partisan' was inaccurate. I was being lazy - the point I wanted to make is that (assuming there is no debate about the basic numbers) one's interpretation of this picture might be radically different depending on ones political bent. That's all I was trying to allude to.

Jeff Alworth said...

TA's right on this, and additionally, I don't think these numbers would change if the Cascade Institute put them together. They come from the Governor's budget; particularly those associated with revenues are pretty straightforward. (Mainly because almost everything comes out of the general fund, as the pie shows.)