Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Saab Lives On

Swedish super-car builder Koenigsegg has agreed to buy Saab (with lots of help from the Swedish government).

I am not exactly sure how this deals with the economic fundamentals of the situation: Saab is a small company making cars for a niche market in a country where it is particularly expensive to do so. Koenigsegg has no experience in mass production and Saab's current line up of cars were all designed eons ago. And whatever loyalty people once felt for the brand was largely wiped out by GMs corporatization of the brand.

But at least now I can remain a loyal customer and have this as my next car:


Anonymous said...

The last Saab that I really liked was the 9-3 of the late 1980s. When they brought out the relatively modern/mainstream 9000, the affinity began to decline.

Anonymous said...

wow,, very wonder full good luck,,

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