Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Soccer News

Two soccer stories pop up at the same time making for one efficient blog post. And I know you all turn to the Oregon Economics Blog for your soccer news...

The USA soccer team defeated world number one Spain 2 to 0 in South Africa today in the FIFA Confederations Cup. Spain is far and away more talented top to bottom, but soccer is the ultimate team game and the USA just plain wanted it more. Bravo. They will now likely face Brazil on Sunday as Brazil play South Africa tomorrow. But after today, don't count South Africa out, especially as they are playing at home.

Closer to home, the Portland City Council did the right thing and decouple the Beaver's search for a new stadium and the MLS to PGE park deals. Bravo again. Without this, MLS in Portland would certainly have been scuttled. As I have said many times, is there is better model for the viability of PGE Park than MLS? I don't think so. The Beavers are leaving anyway, best to focus on how to save PGE Park from being a budgetary black hole and provide another entertainment option for poor deprived Portlanders.

Now at the risk of sounding like the crank extraordinaire, Jack Bog, whose rants to me are entirely pointless - what the heck is up with Amanda Fritz? She does not seem very engaged and her stance against the stadium deal is without nuance or sense. I worry that she gets the static picture but not the dynamic one when it comes to economic growth and financial stability. Even Fish is on board with this one...


FallPurple said...

I hadn't seen the final score until now, but I am watching it on ESPN2 right now. Because it is labeled "Instant Classic" on the top-right corner, I assumed we won. Exciting game, by the way.

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