Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Poll Results: End of the Recession and Taxes

I realize that polls like this tell me more about my readers than about how the general public will vote, but I am sometime surprised at the results I get.

My readers seem to be pessimistic as the last poll, about the end of the recession, suggests (results in the right hand column). The answer to this question is Q3 given the way I defined it which was simply "return to positive GDP growth." Of course we could turn negative again so the pessimists may yet be proven right.

But reader of this blog appear very willing to support the tax increases enacted by the legislature. By a two to one margin readers responded that they would vote yes on measures 66 & 67. Perhaps many of my readers have children in public schools like I do so they can see firsthand the effects of the budget cuts. Perhaps my readers have had to rely on state provided social services in this downturn and worry about their availability if these measures don't pass. I don't know, but I had guessed about a 50/50 split when I posted the poll so I am surprised at the result.

Anyway, thanks for voting, thanks for reading and thanks for commenting on the blog.

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