Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday Tidbits

Busy, busy, busy. Here are a couple of nuggets to keep the mind engaged:

Economics: There have been discussions on this blog about whether GDP is a good metric of economic health, now Hugo Chavez wonders as well. Now that his country is experiencing negative GDP growth that is, Chavez: “We simply can’t permit that they continue calculating GDP with the old capitalist method.”

Beeronomics: The old discussion of whether price is a signal of quality in beer has risen again on the Beervana blog, my take in the comments.

Eco-nomics: Akin to the question of whether everyone driving fuel efficient cars will increase or reduce emmissions, The New York Times has a similar story about carbon offsets for airline travel. Don't assuage the guilt and give people a reason to fly more! Or so some say.