Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Economist's Notebook: Notes From Atlanta

I have written many times on the labeling of glassware for beer, but here is a new one - clearly marked wine glasses! Well done.

I also wrote on the curious tip guide on the bottom of my receipt at Kenny & Zukes. Well at Legal Seafood in Atlanta they go one better. They bring the card reader to your table, European Style (though we still are in the dark ages of magnetic strips), and then this screen appears. You have the option of entering your own percentage or amount, or you can choose one of the three convenient options: 15, 18 or 20%. (Note to K&Zs: even at a fancy Atlanta restaurant, they are not bold enough to go to 25% and they can pay the wait staff less than minimum wage) I got out of the waitress that she doesn't have to use the machine and for her regulars who give her good tips, she goes the old manual way because that induces more generous tips, but for irregulars, so to speak, the machine yields better results.

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