Monday, May 10, 2010


Er...this wee little roller across the street is causing considerable shaking of the ancient building I occupy.  Is that normal?  Is it ridiculously distracting.  It does not seem like this little thing should be able to shake my building so much.  When the big Cascadia subduction earthquake happens, I hope I am nowhere near my building.  The construction across the street is for the Hallie Ford Center.

And though I know that funding for such projects come from entirely separate pots, it is hard not to feel a tinge of aggravation when I have to sign my furlough form while watching this out my window as well as daily viewing of the two other major construction projects that are currently underway on campus: the Linus Pauling Center and the Living Learning Center. [That's a lot of 'centers' isn't it? - Must be the currently en-vogue moniker]  I am happy when any investment happens in public higher education in Oregon, but it seems to me that it is the faculty that are the key component in the education production function.  Just sayin'.


ben said...

How about that? You're stuck in death trap, signing furlough days. While I'm dumb enought to send this university a tuition payment. Who's the bigger fool?

Stacy said...

Two words: INTO Palace!!

Better hope that OSU dips into some of that capital improvement money before Snell qualifies as a historic building. (Now, wasn't that a nice dovetail into your Economist's Notebook post from earlier today? Sometimes I impress myself.)

Patrick Emerson said...


Very well done!

As a point of fact I am in Ballard, the old women's dorm (my office still has the clothes cabinet - which is where I shall hide in the earthquake).