Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oregon Unemployment in Historical Perspective

Not long ago the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis started a blog.  It is infrequent but still a great addition to the discussion of the Oregon economy.  The also have some great graphs generated from Oregon data and today they have another of the graphs that look at Oregon's present labor market troubles compared with those of the recent past.  The picture is grim but probably quite accurate.  No one can say for sure how quickly we will climb out of the current recession-created hole we are in, but there is no great hope it will be a quick process.

Anyway, check out the blog for a more in-depth discussion.

Another blog that should be on your radar is the one from the Research Division of the Oregon Employment Department (and I will update my blogroll to include both of these).


Jeff Alworth said...

Four more years, four more years! Oh, wait...

Gail Krumenauer said...

Thanks for the shout out to the Employment Department's blog! :)