Thursday, June 10, 2010

World Cup Video of the Day, 8

And now for the best of them all: Brazil's Carlos Alberto in 1970 versus Italy. The beauty is in the movement, the fluidity, the gracefulness of the team and finally the incisiveness of the final attack that typifies Brazilian football.  Note how Pelé freezes the defense and then makes the perfect pass without looking. Jogo bonito.

Current Brazil Manager Dunga has adopted a more European, cynical, hard, rigid style which to me is a crime against humanity for which he should be brought to justice at the Hague. Still, you can't keep Brazilian flair down and this is why Brazil will win #6 in South Africa.

And by the way, If you are new to the sport but motivated to watch a little of the WC, the most important thing to understand and appreciate about a soccer game in my opinion is that the game is continuous - there is never a stop to draw up a play or strategize, it all has to happen spontaneously. So you have to think of the 11 players out there as one big organism that is contantly mutating to try and create opportunities to score and to prevent the other side from getting those same opportunities.  The manager has very little influence once the game has started.

So the moments of brilliance are entirely endogenous to the team of players, not the result of some great play sent in from the sidelines and executed by the team as in American football.  To me this is the true beauty of the sport and why I love to play and watch.  It is also why national teams have such 'personality' because once you are out there playing, a lot of what you do is instinctual - ingrained from the time you played in the street, park, lot, as a kid.  This is why I think that despite Dunga's best efforts, Brasil will still be Brasil.  

Okay, time for talking is done, let the games begin. And go BRASIL! (and Les Éléphants!)

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