Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I am Old

So I have this Twitter thingy account and it is amusing and all, but today I accidentally pushed some button and all of a sudden a list of Tweets that mention my @OregonEconomics pops up.  Thing is, many of these I never saw at the time.  I suppose they pop up in my timeline, but I don't obsessively check Twitter so it looks like I have often missed them.

All this is to say I am sorry to those that tried to communicate with me via Twitter.  I am old and easily befuddled.

[I am also very busy these days so it'll be light blogging this week - sorry]



Jeff Alworth said...

Wow. That is one woeful tale right there. Yes, by all means, check what people are saying to you--that's a key feature of the service.

Cameron Mulder said...

I recommend you start using tweetdeck and set it up so you can see everything easily.

I honestly have no idea how people use twitter without it.

Dann Cutter said...

Step one: Go to Apple App Store

Step two: Buy 'Twitter' app (its free)

Step three: run... on the left, you'll see a balloon for your twitter feed, and underneath, a @ sign, which if you click, shows you JUST the tweets which mention your account name.

Step four: most important - pour a beer and ignore above three. Social media is too ever-present! Better to have a beer with friends at a local brewpub.

Melissa Adele said...

Props for even having an account. I'm of the technologically savvy age group and have no desire to learn how to use Twitter.