Monday, February 7, 2011


It is hard to describe the anachronism that is the Green Bay Packers.  It is absurd that a small rust belt town would have and even own an NFL team and while I was living in Wisconsin as a kid it seemed that perhaps they wouldn't last.  They were playing half their games at County Stadium in Milwaukee (they only place I have seen them play live) and, the exploits of Lynn Dickey and James Lofton notwithstanding, they were not very good.

Anyway yesterday I watched and celebrated their victory as any good Wisconsin boy would: brats and beer done right - boiled in beer and onions and then grilled to juicy perfection.

Unable to find Leinenkugels, Miller had to suffice.

What a year it is shaping up to be: my itinerant youth has made me a lifelong supporter of the SF Giants, the Green Bay Packers and the Trailblazers.  Two championships so far this season, maybe the Blazers can shock the world!

By the way, I was morose at halftime, certain in the knowledge that the Steelers would come back and win.  For my other team, Arsenal, managed to squander a 4-0 lead to Newcastle just the day before causing a fit of apoplexy.  And it almost happened, but once again the Pack came through.

An interesting economics question about the value of spectator sports to cities is if Green Bay's remaining economy owes a lot to the team.  By which I mean if people choose to live and start up businesses in Green Bay simply because of the presence of the Packers.  Now that shipping on the Great Lakes is not such a big deal, the reasons for the existence of Green Bay Wisconsin are few.

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HK said...

The great thing about the Packers, being a proud Midwestern woman, myself, is that they represent the quintessential Midwestern person. Green Bay is a relatively small town, with blue collar workers who are characteristic of many many Midwestern people. For Michiganders, it's the Packers, because the Lions represent perhaps the loss of the auto industry (har har har). Also, Woodson, the glorious man, played for Michigan. In that, I think the Packers represent something much more than football to those of us who are from the rust belt. They aren't merely a football team, they are our automobile building, corn eating dreams.