Friday, May 16, 2008

94 Degrees in the Shade

Two problems become apparent on the 3rd floor of Ballard Hall on a 94 degree day.

One, the heat is cranking in my office full blast. I think there is no real control over it here, if the steam plant is making steam, the heat is ON. And with some days coming up in the 60s, I guess they think they are still going to need heat. This makes my office about 173 degrees.

Two, by about 1pm the faculty parking lot had begun to empty - meaning very little work for the benefit of Oregon, the US and all of humanity was going on after lunch. Most had fled to the relative cool of their houses. Of course the engineers next door in the climate controlled Kelley Hall are all still here...


Anonymous said...

A small A/C would solve the problem, but I guess the building's electrical system can't take it (so I'm told), at least if everyone would do this.

Jeff Alworth said...

173 degrees? Delhi hot.