Monday, May 5, 2008

Mea Culpa

Life has been extraordinarily busy and I have been extraordinarily sick and now comes the week in which I scheduled all of my midterms. So I am behind in my posting, but especially in my responses to some great comments and I am not sure I'll catch up for a few days. Hang in there.

In the meantime this is the last chance to register your vote on my very scientific and official poll about self-service gas.

Also, a little Beeronomics fix: via Beervana comes this article in the Eugene Register-Guard about the effect of hops prices on brewers. Enjoy.


Dann Cutter said...

The lasting effect I 'hope' is taken away from this hops shortage is the idea that hops does not make the beer.

Too many Micros are hop dependent. In home-brewing there are so many other ways to get really dramatic and powerful flavors without introducing the maximum amount of bittering hops a brew can handle. Most of these scale well...

I am looking forward to what brewers can come up with this fall when short of their goto stabilizer. Yes, timeliness will be more of an issue in consumption, but that is also not a bad thing.

Patrick Emerson said...

Gack! Move away from hops?!? Never! Actually I quite like juniper when done right (i.e. not tasting like you are chewing on a tree branch). Rogue is an excellent example.