Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Corvallis is a nice town, full of nice restaurants, bars and cultural amenities. But there is only one thing in Corvallis that is, in my view, truly exceptional, and that is Le Patissier. A curse of the small market - as you go higher on the demand curve the thinning demand is only sustainable in bigger markets where even a fraction of the potential customers is still a lot.

And so it was that a few months ago, around the time of my wife's birthday, that I stopped by to order a nice cake only to find that 'gasp' - IT WAS CLOSED! Zut alors!

[Luckily, I had a trip to Portland planned and I stopped off at Pix - problem solved (Portland has many truly exceptional things)]

Horrors, thought I, what is going on? A call to the phone number went to a recorded message saying that they lost their lease. Mon dieu!

So it is with great joy that word comes that Le Patissier is back! Bravo!

You can find them near Ritchie's Market, and it is so worth the trip...

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