Thursday, October 7, 2010

Beeronomics: The Blog

UPDATE: I have added a box to the right that will list the most current five blog posts from Beeronomics, all you have to do is click!  I think this should solve the problem for OEB readers who like the beery stuff as well.

As of today I am going to change the way I operate when it comes to beeronomics.  A while back I created the Beeronomics blog simply as a place to compile the beeronomics posts that appeared in The Oregon Economics Blog because I was finding that I had two audiences: people interested in beer and the intersection with economics and people interested in economics and the intersection with Oregon and Oregon's policy issues.  The Beeronomics blog was a way for beer enthusiasts to read beer posts without having to endure all the other economics and Oregon stuff.  Though many of my OEB readers like the beery stuff as well, I know many others don't care one wit about it.

So, starting today, I shall relegate my beer posts to the Beeronomics blog.  When I post anything with true economics content I shall cross-post on the OEB so you won't miss out on the true beeronomics content if you just stick with the OEB.  But I shall also post other stuff on Beeronomics that might not have a high level of economics content and for that you shall have to navigate over.  I will keep a link to the each blog on the top of the main page.

Though this seems obvious, it was not an easy decision.  I like the fact that blogs reflect the personality of the authors.  Unlike straight-laced journalism or academic papers, blogs allow people like me a chance to express themselves and relegating the beery stuff to a separate blog diminishes a little bit of my personality in the OEB.  I also started blogging as a way to talk more informally with students, share my enthusiasm for economics and demonstrate how economic thinking can be applied everywhere.  In fact that was the genesis of beeronomics in the first place.  There is nothing particularly special about beer except that it is a hobby of mine and a fun place to apply economics. I try to engage my students and encourage them to apply economics to what they know and love.  But it is hard to be a serious commentator on Oregon policy and write about a great beer you should try so I shall do so separately in the future.

There are separate twitter feeds as well, so you can subscribe to BeeronomicsThe OEB or both.  And yes, this does take a little more work so if I find that it is taking too much time, I may just go back to a single blog.


GeoGeek said...

I, personally, hope you'll go back to posting everything in the OEB. I don't like the idea of following to blogs with overlapping content, since I'll get duplicates showing up in my Google Reader. I'd much prefer that either Beer ⊂ OEB or Beer ⊄ OEB but not Beer ∩ OEB.

Patrick Emerson said...'d you do the notation? Cool! Anyway, it'll mostly be separate with only the occasional overlap. If it ends up overlapping too much, I'll go back to one.

Patrick Emerson said...

I thought of a good solution. I added a box to list the most recent 5 blog posts from Beeronomics to the OEB. Now you can have your cake and eat it too!