Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Reads

It is Friday and a significant portion of the work I had planned to complete this week remains sitting on my desk, so I'll punt to something I rarely do: link to other posts.  This is THE sure way to drive traffic on your site, so they tell me, but I really don't care about how many people read my blog in general, I just care about who reads my blog.  And I am very, very happy with the interesting, thoughtful people who visit this space.  So, interesting, thoughtful people, here are some interesting reads - go and think:

Mark Thoma has a nice post on an article from the SF Fed.  Here is a nice (and scary) little graph on deflation risk - are we really different than Japan?  [Lost decade anyone?]

Justin Wolfers on Freakonomics has a ver nice lesson on detecting momentum in data and comments on Nate Silver's error of deduction when he suggests that there is no such thing in polling data.

The Oregon Office of Economic Analysis has a nice post on the output gap.

Ben Jacklet in Oregon Business Mag has a nice comment on the Intel News.  [Which by the way is a subject I have spoken about to three or four reporters and thus I decided not to post on it here.]

You can read my erudite analysis of the Intel investment in Mike Rogoway's article in The Oregonian.

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