Friday, October 29, 2010

Moles are not Rational

My experiment with the economics of moles has ended, predictably, badly.  By slightly raising the marginal cost of lining in my yard, I had hoped convince my subterranean friend by use of an annoying emitter of sound waves to seek out more pleasant my neighbor's yard.  But alas, not only has my mole remained after three weeks of use, but he is quite happily continuing to dig within a few feet of the 'sonic spike' itself.  The picture above is not the best, but these are two new mole mounds with the solar panel of the 'sonic spike' visible at the edge of the grass.

Clearly my mole has not had an Econ 101 class and doesn't understand decisions at the margin.

But I have made a scientific breakthrough!  Moles are not rational creatures.

Addendum: When you post an entry, Blogger informs you of the having successfully posted on a separate page in which they embed a Google Ad clearly targeted by keywords from your post.  Ironically, the ad associated with this post was headlined" "SONIC MOLE CHASERS WORK" and clicking through takes you here.  You have been warned.

1 comment:

Rarian Rakista said...

Victor Mole Trap is only thing I have found that works. It is messy and cruel, so think before you use whether you want to kill the little fellas.