Friday, June 8, 2012

Soccernomics: EURO 2012

Ah a convergence of happy events: today is the las day of classes at Oregon State and it is the fist day of the European Football Championship, better known as Euro 2012.  Me, my couch and my TV have a lot of catching up to do, this'll be a perfect opportunity to become reacquainted.

Most neutrals consider this a better tournament than the World Cup as the quality of the teams are more consistent and consistently high.  I miss the spunky minnows that make it to the World Cup and fight like heck to stay, but usually by the knock out stage the cream rises to the top so I still prefer the World Cup.  Besides the absence of Argentina and Brazil makes the whole thing a little less fun.  

For whatever reason, however, the quality of the football and the excitement of the games is generally much higher in the Euros than in the WC.  The tournament that already started today, had a thrilling opening game where Greece drew with co-host Poland.  Currently the Russians are beating the Czechs 2-1 but the Czechs are on the front foot and pressing.  Fun.  

The English will be dreary, play defensively, underperform and go home in disgrace - as usual.  Still, they are my team so support them I shall.  But I am really looking forward to seeing Spain, Holland, Germany and France duke it out.  All four can play exhilarating football and even the traditionally stoic Germans now play with style and flair.  

Should be a fun month.

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