Friday, June 22, 2012

A Soccernomics Two-Fer


Don't look now but it is the battle of the Euro Zone: Germany plays Greece in the quarterfinal of the Euro 2012 soccer tournament. It would be ephemeral but imagine how a Greek upset of the heavily favored Germans would feel to the embattled Greek people.  Rightly or not, they feel that Germany is forcing an unjust austerity package on them.  A German win would only make them feel more lousy.


The Daily Mirror predicts that if England make the Euro 2012 final beer consumption will increase by 70 million pints!  Wow. Of course if they lose ignominiously on Sunday it is likely that beer consumption will also rise precipitously in England.  Either way its good news for publicans! But as a matter of science, it appears the numbers in the Mirror were pulled out of thin air are are of little value to anyone but bloggers...

UPDATE: Germany pretty thoroughly dismantled Greece even though it ended 4-2.

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